Your mobility partner for life

Introducing the new, yet familiar Amerimax for Mobility: a leading supplier of aluminum and laminates for recreational and transportation vehicles. We have been a loyal partner in the RV and cargo market for over 50 years. Our aluminum meets the highest standards and lasts a lifetime.

The proud and loyal craftsmen of Amerimax for Mobility only create the best of the best.

Built on proven performance

As an iconic brand in the RV industry, Amerimax for Mobility endeavors to be the foremost service partner for our customers. Establishing long-term strategic partnerships to help our clients surpass their ambitions is what defines us.

We are available for all major RV and Transportation OEMs.

Elevating excellence

Every day, we are dedicated to high quality, reliability, customer service, and flexibility. To fulfill your requirements, we offer value-added services like custom length cutting, decorative striping, embossed patterns, roll forming, digital printing, wide coil, and metallic finishes.

At Amerimax for Mobility, we merge top-notch quality and service with unwavering focus and dedication.

Exploring Amerimax for Mobility

The product line of Amerimax for Mobility offers a complimentary range of products. We offer traditional metal fabricated panels and prepainted wide coil with a width up to 103 inches available in a full color range of automotive metallic finishes with a remarkable deep shine. Our offering also includes products such as high-strength premium laminates, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester panels and high-tech composites.

The latest investment is a 108” wide x 40” long Lamination line installed 2022.

Soon, you will discover more information about Amerimax for Manufactured Housing on this website.

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